Internship with the Indian Feminist Judgments Project

IMPORTANT: This is to notify all internship applicants that the IFJP is still reviewing applications due to an overwhelming response. We will, however, be contacting successful applicants by Sunday, 9 September. 

The Indian Feminist Judgments Project is looking for student interns to help with the Project’s online presence. To this end, we are looking for


  1. FOUR Student Researchers to help compile and summarize judgements;

  2. ONE student to handle website maintenance and design;

  3. THREE students to organize content for the website, and help in general management, and;

  4. ONE to manage the Project’s social media


The Indian Feminist Judgments Project imagines the possibilities of collaborative writing of alternate judgments for several Indian cases across a broad range of legal issues having a significant bearing on women. At the heart of the project are a set of basic questions—can one formulate a distinctively feminist judicial practice If so, what are the limitations to that approach? In what manner does this approach differ from the common law approach the court takes? You can read more about the project here.


The interns will be expected to work towards compiling a database of relevant judgements, and assist in the general upkeep of the website which will in turn, contribute to the upcoming workshop. This workshop is expected to take place on 6th and 7th October 2018.




  • Carry out research on relevant case laws and related materials

  • Coordinate to find an optimum method of displaying this information on the website

  • Ensure the website is kept up to date, and running smoothly

  • Update the Project’s social media accounts with relevant material, and assist in obtaining the same

  • Volunteer towards the organization of the 2nd workshop of the Indian Feminist Judgment Project.


Required qualifications:


  • Proficient legal and analytical skills

  • Comfortable working with website themes and layouts

  • Familiar with researching and summarizing results

  • Works well in teams

  • Ease in using social media


Preferred qualifications:


● Experience in content writing

● Familiarity with creative thinking





The positions are currently unpaid.




The Researchers will be free to work at their preferred location though a bimonthly meeting in person (in Delhi/Sonipat) or via skype is required for the first two months followed by a monthly meeting in person or via skype till March 2019.




August 2018 to March 2019




This opportunity is open to currently enrolled graduate students in relevant fields, as well as recent alumni. However, preference will be given to law students for the position of student researchers.


To apply:


Please email a resume and cover letter to with the subject line: INTERNSHIP by 2nd August 2018. Only successful candidates will be contacted.