We are a loose collective of about a hundred feminist legal academics, practitioners, historians, sociologists, political scientists, anthropologists  who have come together to rewrite about 50 judgments of the Indian Supreme Courts as well as High Courts, Tribunals and lower courts. Currently this collaborative is anchored by three of us (Jhuma, Aparna and Rachna) through our respective institutional support but the project is co-owned by all participant-contributors. This is also a continuing project which means judicial opinions will be taken up to be rewritten from time to time and more participant-contributors will join us.

Jhuma Sen (Jindal Global Law School, Sonepat)

Aparna Chandra (National Law School of India University, Bangalore) 

Rachna Chaudhary (Ambedkar University, Delhi)


For continuous organisational support and website development, the project places on record its gratitude to Tejasvini Puri, Rohini Thyagarajan and Nitika Khaitan.  

Please drop us a mail at fjpindia@gmail.com if you have in mind a judgment that deserves to be rewritten through a feminist lens.



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